Fashion Posts

April 3, 2006

This section will bring you the latest looks from the dance floor. Some of which are to die for, some of which to be avoided at all costs!

The fashion of the dancfloor is a moving feast. In the early 90s jeans and T shirts were de rigueur. As the swing influence grew black and white shoes, stripped baggy trousers and braces were to be seen on the most fashionable dancers. Come the start of the new millennium, and promoted by the arrival on the scene of Dan & Lisa, combats and cyber gear (Cyberdog, Punkyfish etc) became fashionable. This led to the birth of a new fashion trend, fashion disasters. When you’re in your 40s/50s, it takes a certain style to dress like a teenager and pull it off …. And sadly many tried and failed.

So …. What are the current dance fashions? Our roving reporters are ceaselessly scouring the land to bring you the new styles and advice …. photos to follow!