Danny and Jodie Fail to Turn-Up to Jive Event

Author: Jon is one of the longest established MJ Organisers in the S West, operating as Jive Magic. In adiition he is the web-master of UK-Jive.co.uk, the leading MJ website.

Strictly Dance Fever finalists Jodie Binsteed and Danny Last failed to turn-up to an event they’d been booked to perform at. Booked to perform cabaret at Jive Magic’s June freestyle, organisers Jenn and Jon White had no option but to refund customers’ money after the dance duo failed to turn up.

“I was a little worried just prior to the event”, said Jon. “We’d been unable to get in-touch with Danny or Jodie all day. All we could do was leave voicemails on their answerphone. By the time our customers started to arrive, we were calling them every 10 minutes, trying to get hold of them.”

Jon continued, “By 9.30, it was pretty obvious they weren’t going to turn up so I stood-up on stage and made the announcement to a disappointed crowd of dancers.”

“Over the last two years, Jenn (my wife) and I have booked many of the top dancers from Strictly Come Dancing and Strictly Dance Fever, including Anton and Erin, Darren and Lilia, Ian and Camilla, Paul and Natasha, plus Joseph and Sadie. In each case, it’s been a real pleasure meeting these fantastically talented people and our Cardiff dancers have really enjoyed seeing their performances. Dealing with Danny and Jodie however has been a real disappointment and really does leave a bitter taste in the mouth. We had so many people looking forward to seeing them.”

Jon conceded, “It’s unlikely we’ll book any more professionals for our events.” Having not yet received any explanation from Danny or Jodie as to why they didn’t turn-up, Jon has set-up a new web site for the Cardiff dancers to follow his attempts at receiving an explanation.

You can find out more by visiting: http://www.jodiebinsteed.co.uk


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