Dance Wars in the North – Editorial Comment

The dramatic take-over of Blitz’s Bowden club has far-reaching implications throughout the MJ world.

First, there is the concern about a repeat of this scenario with other Blitz clubs or indeed other clubs throughout the UK. Many public venues do not enter into binding long term contracts. Imagine going through all the pain of setting up several venues, finally making one of them start to pay off, then a rival just walks in and takes it off you? Is that the world we have now entered?

Secondly, is further promotion of the Bowden venue. Cinnamon Jive emailed dancers with details of its nights, but where did the database of addresses come from? On8 research indicates that the Cinnamon Club itself could not have had these email addresses. Some recipients say they have not even been to the venue. The only common factor appears to be that these people are on the Blitz database, but clearly Blitz would not use its own database to promote a rival club, so how were these dancers targeted?

Thirdly, why was Blitz not given more time to allow them to move its business? The late notice meant that the new club was able to inherit Blitz’s customers. Whether this was a deliberate tactic or not is unclear.

The most fundamental rules of etiquette have been broken. Previously, the worst that would happen is that a rival might try to flyer your car park … and that had, until now, been seen as being the lowest of the low. To actually go in and push someone out of their own venue and take over their club sets new standard in aggressive techniques. Lets hope that these techniques are never seen again.


One Response to Dance Wars in the North – Editorial Comment

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