News and Rumours – April

Well, first of all lets start with the latest BIG rumour we’ve heard. Apparently the word being passed round is that Ceroc HQ have bought all the LeRoc clubs in Bristol for £3m!!! Amazing news, would be even more amazing if there was any truth in it. That is more than it is believed it cost to buy the WHOLE of Ceroc™ when it was sold by its founders in 2004. The other slight flaw in the story is that LeRoc is loose federation of individual clubs, not a single organisation … oh, that and the fact that all the aforementioned clubs are still being run as LeRoc !

So … other rumours? I’ve been reliably informed that the entire Blitz organisation has been sold on to a key franchisee and that Ceroc Nantwich has been sold on … of course these two rumours are as factual as the rumour that Elvis has been spotted and is setting up a Modern Jive club in Accrington, playing only his greatest hits!


Any proper rumours?

Ceroc’s move into the Weekender market has caused a bit of a stir. After the huge success of their STORM weekender, the word on the street is that Ceroc will be putting on 8 weekenders next year. If true this is sure to have an impact on the current market. Apparently the number of weekenders is only limited by the amount of meteorological words that can be used (current events have been names ‘Storm’ and ‘Breeze’).

We are anticipating, ‘Gale Force 7’, Tornado, ‘Mild Flatulence’ and ‘El Nino’ with sponsorship coming from Tums. However, in coming to the 8, its unclear whether this number while include Ceroc’s existing portfolio of events including MJC, Rebel Yell and the Ceroc Spain weekenders.


On the southern scene, major changes at Jango …. Well actually it’s a case of back to the beginning. DJ TWK is moving on to do his own thing (Funky Lush) after a year of so of DJing at this Monday uber-club. At the same time the much loved Will & Kate teaching team are stepping down. This paves the way for Amir, the originator of Jango to return to running the venture. He will be teaching with Kate with DJ Sheepman manning the decks. May the fun continue.


Anticipation builds for the Ceroc Championships. There are many looking forward to the rematch of newcomers Simon Rich & Nicole v the established champion couple Phil & Yuko. This mouth-watering competition should be made even more interesting if Will and Kate are entering. There is still the possibility for an unknown couple to emerge from obscurity and produce an upset. The awesome Scottish couple, James and Melanie are also a force to be reckoned with.

As usual, if you hear anything interesting or you are in a position to confirm or rubbish a rumour, pleased feel free to contact us at


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